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iPhone Fairline

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This video was a quick pitch-to-client demo’ing the concept of a user manual on an iPhone.

It was rather cheaky in using existant iPod demo movies, cutting out various iPod/hand elements where needed and re-applying them over our new content. The hand drawn illustrations were by Mike Woods and I animated all of our new content.

FSNM Video Showcase

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This is FSNM’s Video Showcase. It takes its start point from the showreel and hilites their current and historic video capablities.

FSNM Showreel

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Here’s a copy of the FSNM showreel that I edited for them.

The original concept and creative direction was from Jon Severn, Head Creative of FSNM in 1992. Andy Madgwick was asked to produce the 3D orange backgrounds. I edited the showreel for a number of years, adding all new content along the way.